Top 5 Best Bait for Mice to Use in Mouse Trap

August 25, 2017 | Mice

Knowing the top 5 best bait for mice is essential if you plan to use mouse trap. House mouse is indeed one of the most dangerous kinds of pet that can enter your house. They steal food, they ruin things, and they spread disease, basically. When you have enough, you want them out. One of the methods to get rid of them is by using the mouse trap. Mouse traps are very efficient and effective method because it is a non-toxic one. There are so many types of mouse traps, including snap traps, glue traps, and electronic traps.

In every mouse trap, you need a bait. The bait will lure the mouse onto the trap and catch them. This is why placing mouse trap in areas often passed by mice can eliminate them slowly but surely. To keep everything working good, you need to choose the right bait for the mouse trap. These top 5 best bait for mice will surely work:

  1. Soft Cheese

It is believed that mice are really attracted to fatty foods, including cheese. In many movies or cartoons, mice are depicted to be cheese lovers. It is, more or less, true. To make sure that the mouse will get trapped into the mouse trap, you need to use soft cheese instead of hard cheese. Soft cheese is harder to carry. On the country, hard cheese is easier to carry so that the mouse can easily taking it away from the trap without getting trapped.

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is sweet and fatty. It is everything a mouse likes about food. This is why tiny bits of peanut butter on mouse trap is going to lure the mouse easily. Just like the soft cheese, the mouse cannot just walk away with the peanut butter because of its mushy consistency. The mouse will have to lick down the peanut butter bit by bit, giving the mouse trap enough time to trap the mouse inside.

  1. Nesting Materials

During fall and winter, female mice will be busy gathering materials to build their nest. They will need soft fabric, stringy materials, and so on to build the nest. That is why during this time, you can use dental floss, yarn, twine, or just any types of fabrics as bait. Female mice surely are going to be attracted to it. Tie the materials to the trigger of the trap so that when the mouse pulls on the materials, the mouse trap will catch the mouse immediately.

  1. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky has strong aroma to attract the mouse. It is also very fatty and thus irresistible by the mouse. Because beef jerky is quite solid, you need to set the trap perfectly so that the mouse will not getting away with the bait. Stick the beef jerky right to the trigger of the trap. It will activate the trap even when the mice just touches the beef jerky a little bit.

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  1. Gum Drop

Gum drop has sweet smell to attract the mice. The best thing about it is that gum drop is incredibly sticky. There is no way the mouse getting away from the trap when they try to eat the gum drop. This is why gum drop makes to the list of top 5 best bait for mice.

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