The best DIY termite treatment

May 14, 2016 | Termite Treatments

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person when it comes to termite control, there are only two methods of termite treatment that you can use to limit your infestation problem. You can use termite baits or termiticides. Termite bait is a specially formulated substance that you place on the ground in areas where termites are present. What will happen is the termites will eat the substance as they forage below the ground and then die as a result. The termites will be unable to detect the formulated substance because it comes mixed with cardboard and paper debris. This will make the termites feast on it without even realizing the lethal chemicals that are inside of it. As a result, they will slowly die off and reduce their numbers tremendously. Termiticides are another method of termite treatment where you basically create a protective chemical barrier around the soil of your home. The termites will be repelled by this barrier and likely won’t cross it. Any termites that do cross the barrier will be killed by the chemical solution of the termiticide. This is useful for people who have big yards and need to protect a longer range of land that is commonly known for being inhabited by termites.

The best DIY termite treatment

So which one is the best termite treatment? Termiticides are the traditional method of stopping termites from getting into a home. But the problem is it rarely ever kills the termites. All it does is keep them away from your structure. Not only that, the termiticide only stays in your soil for a couple of years. After that, you will have to apply more termiticide to the soil. But you are never going to know when you’ll have to apply it again unless you have a pest control technician regularly inspect the soil. On the other hand, people that are treating the soil themselves will have a tougher time knowing when and where to apply the termiticide. That is why the best do-it-yourself treatment is the termite bait. This is a treatment option that actually kills the termites and ultimately destroys their colonies. All you have to do is locate their colonies or find areas where you know the termites inhabit, like piles of wood outside. Termite bait is also useful in situations where the soil cannot be treated, like near bodies of water or inside the structure of your home. These places are unsuitable for termiticides so your only chance for treatment would be to use termite bait.

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