The Centipedes Eats: Termites, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants and so on

Have you ever met a long insect which has around 15 pairs of legs? It is centipedes. An insectivore which looks scary because its form. When you meet this small animal, you may be scared. It is normal, because this predator has amazing speed if we look at its size. However, there are common types of centipedes which you can see in your household. This kind of centipede, is considered as the great pest killer. Here, if you want to know further about the centipedes which live in your home, this may be very helpful. Moreover, we will also give you the amazing facts about this small animal.

What does the centipedes eats?

In common, the house centipedes feed on termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, and other household arthropods. When the house centipedes go hunting, they will inject a venom into the prey. Then, after the prey which has been injected a venom is dead, they will start eating it. The time when this small animal goes hunting is usually at night time. If you wonder about the vision they have, the house centipedes utilize its antennae to hunt their prey. Here, they will use their long modified legs as the fangs.

The facts about the centipedes

When the centipedes are still young, they have a look like the adult centipedes. For the female centipedes, they usually nurse their eggs and babies. When the centipedes walk, they never have a problem with their legs. Which means, the design of the legs of a centipede is very awesome. Besides, the centipedes are the one of the oldest animals which live on the Earth. Moreover, there are some fossils which are 400 million years old. In addition, the most common types of centipedes – house centipede – can be found in anywhere in this world.

Centipedes body structure

When this centipede becomes an adult, it will have 15 pairs of legs. Besides, the length of this small insect is around 1 to 1 and a half of an inch. However, the appearance that this house centipede has, is bigger – because of the long legs. Not only that, the house centipede also has long antennae – which is usually longer than the body length. In addition, this small insect can walk on the walls and the ceilings as well.

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What about the place they live?

Actually, the house centipedes are not difficult to see. Sometimes, you can find them in your bathrooms, kitchen, garage, or basement. The point is, you can find them in a damp location or a place which is cool enough. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t live outside. You can find them in the leaf litter, compost piles, and even under rocks. On the other hand, you will easily see the house centipedes when the spring comes. Why? Because in this season, their prey is so plentiful. In addition, the house centipedes can be also a great pest killer.