5 Tips That You Can Try To Avoid The Mosquito Bites

September 26, 2017 | Mosquitoes

We may have the same feeling about the mosquitoes. Yup, they are so annoying. Moreover, when we are enjoying the night with our family, but the mosquitoes join to the club, it’s like they declare a war with us. However, if you want to avoid the mosquito bites, we have some tips which you can try now and in the future. You don’t have to be worried about the materials, because they are not difficult to find. Moreover, you can even find some materials in your kitchen. Here, 5 tips to avoid mosquito bites below.

Use the mosquito repellent

This is the best way that you can try to avoid the mosquito bites. When the mosquitoes face this stuff, we can make sure that they even will not touch your skin. If you wonder why the mosquito repellent is so powerful, it has some substances such as DEET or picadirin. Besides, you have to choose a mosquito repellent which has been considered safe to use. If your skin gets irritated because of the mosquito repellent which contains DEET, it is better for you to get natural repellent.

The natural mosquito repellent

When you are going to choose a mosquito repellent which doesn’t contain non chemical substances, you can choose vitamin B, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil. Here, these natural solutions have some substances such as antibacterial, anti fungal, antibiotic, and antiseptic as well. As we know, you can find these natural repellents in your kitchen. In addition, the natural mosquito repellents will save your money rather than other commercial repellent products.

Try to wear the right clothes

Here, when we talk about the clothes which you should wear, the clothes should be loose fitting. Which means; it will make you comfortable, it will make the mosquitoes are difficult to bite you, and it will control your body temperature. As we know, the mosquitoes can bite you even though your skin are covered with tight clothes. So, the use of loose fitting clothes is very recommended. Not only that, you can also wear sleeves and pant legs if you want to get a full protection. In addition, if you are going to go camping or sporting, it is good for you to spray the clothes with the mosquito repellent.

Consume the foods which can be a mosquito repellent

Even though this way seems weird, you can also try this to avoid the mosquito bites. Here, you can eat some foods which make your body odor becomes stronger. The foods which will prevent the mosquito bites, are garlic and apple cider vinegar. As we know, the mosquitoes can’t stand against some things which have an annoying strong odor. In addition, if you like drinking alcohol, you will be avoided by the mosquitoes because they don’t like the odor which is caused by the alcohol.

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Use a mosquito net

This is the one of 5 tips to avoid mosquito bites that you can try. This way is very recommended for the children, especially if they are babies. Here, you can use a mosquito net when you or your children are going to sleep. In addition, this way will give you a great protection from the mosquito bites.

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