Top 10 Termite Treatment Products

March 31, 2016 | Termite Product Reviews

Top 10 termite treatment products

Termites can be a major issue because they can easily affect the basic structure of a home or many of the indoor spaces of both residential and commercial establishments. Because of that, you need to focus on finding the best possible termite treatment products. Here are some of the best that you can access right now!

Termidor SC

Termidor SC is one of the best termiticides on the market and it also offers stellar ant control. It’s a liquid based chemical that can be added in anywhere you see termites. This is one of the best and fastest termite treatments available on the market at this time!

Demon Max

Demon Max is a residual insect control product and it offers you the ability to control as well as repel a wide range of insects. The chemicals used here are particularly useful against termites and that makes it a very good purchase.

Bifen XTS

This product is an oil based bifenthrin and it works really well against termites. It’s a stellar insect control product with great benefits and at around $30 or less. It’s inexpensive considering the termite damage it can prevent.

Adonis 75 WSP

A small, liquid based compound that is delivered in a simple packaging, Adonis 75 WSP is very efficient and fast. It requires you to dilute it in water.

Adonis 2F Insecticide/Termiticide

What makes the Adonis 2F Insecticide/Termiticide special is the fact that it has a fast action and it’s also very easy to use. If you need a good anti-termite product this is definitely a great purchase.

Premise Pro Insecticide

This is a premium package that offers a stellar protection against subterranean termites. It can be used for pre-construction but also when you renovate your home and other similar instances.

HexPro Termite Baiting System

This system is designed in order to offer complete structural protection from termites. It does that by monitoring the baits and then addresses it with the hexaflumuron integrated in it.

Advance Termite Monitoring Base

The monitoring base not only makes the termites less fast but it also offers you a great way to keep them at bay. It’s a simple tool but it can deliver a great value.

Advance Termite Bait Stations

The bait stations are created with efficiency and focus on mind. They are placed at different locations and they help you protect your home from termite attacks.


BoraCare helps you protect as well as treat wood against termites, carpenter ants, fungi and many other problems. If you really want to boost termite protection this is surely the tool you need to use!

Don’t hesitate and try out these 10 amazing termite treatment products. They are inexpensive and can really help you get great results, so you should totally check them right now!

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