4 Common Types of Carpet Beetles

July 21, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Have you heard about various types of carpet beetles? People can know about those types with vary characteristics. People can identify these types based on its length and the colours. People can observe the larvae, its colour and the hairs. Then, you have to understand about different parts of abdominal segment to categorize its types. Even though they have different types of carpet beetles, they have similar stages of life cycle. Most of the animals has the same life cycle. The first stage is eggs, then larvae. Next, they will change into pulp. And the last, they will become an adult carpet beetle. Do you want to know about the differences? Well, we are going to tell you about 4 types of carpet beetles below.


  1. The Form of its body is oval. The length is around 2 – 3,5 millimeters.
  2. It has the colored scales and flattened hairs. For the adult of carpet beetle, it has the yellow, white and black scales.
  3. The larvae has a golden hair and the colour is cream. The length of its larvae is around 4 millimeters.
  4. This type of carpet beetle has around five to seven abdominal segments.


  1. It has an elongated oval form. The length of its body is around 2,5mm to 5,5mm. The cells colour is black to dark brown
  2. The adult length is around 2,8 to 5 millimeters and the cells colour is black reddish brown
  3. It has antennas. The antenna long of the male carpet beetles is twice longer than the female’s antennas
  4. The larvae is around 12,7mm and it has an elongated shape. The colour is brown to golden. Then, it has a short golden hair around its body.


  1. It is a largest carpet beetles. The length is around 7 to 10mm. It has an elongated oval shape and the body is full of hair.
  2. People can identify this type of carpet beetle easily. There is a yellow and tan band across the middle section of its body.
  3. There are six black spots that you can find in the middle part or in the bands of its animal.
  4. All of the body and legs are covered by the hair and the colour of the hair is yellow.
  5. The larvae is around 11 – 13 mm. the body is elongated and full with the long hair around its larvae body. The colour is dark brown. It has two horn which is called urogomphi.


  1. This is a kind of small carpet beetle. The adult length is only around 2 – 5 mm. It has a multicolored hair and it has an elongated shape.
  2. The larvae reach up to 6,3 mm. there are several long hair and some the short hair around its body.

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So, there are four types of carpet beetles that you have learned. People can identify and sort its types based on the length, larvae and colours. The can sort them correctly through the detail characteristics. Each types, has its unique characteristics.

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