Fact or Hoax: The Vinegar Can Kill Flies Effectively

Can vinegar kill flies? Maybe that is your question when you want to get rid of flies around your home. As we know that flies like to stuck around your foods, dirty place, bathrooms even one spot on your table or anything else. Sometimes people only use their hands to throw out the flies, but the problem is they getting back again and again. So, if every day the flies always try to ruin your peaceful life at home, maybe you can do something with vinegar. To know further about vinegar, can it kill or just a hoax, let’s read the explanations below:

Why Vinegar Can Be Used to Kill Flies?

Vinegar is known for food and kitchen necessary. Not only to improve your cooking but vinegar has special functions to clean dirt, remove bad smell, scars on table or cabinets or to brighten your clothes from black spots. So, is it fact or hoax that vinegar can be used to kill flies? Surprisingly, it is a fact! Yes, vinegar can get rid of flies effectively without using your hands or other things to make them go away. Why it is very effective because vinegar can clean any kind of dirt and bacteria, also beat flies to grow and stuck around your food or fruits. One of the common type of flies that easily removed with vinegar is fruit flies and type of vinegar you can use is apple cider vinegar.

Now if you want to know details about how to get rid of flies, let’s read steps by steps we tell you below:

How to Get Rid of Flies with Vinegar

There are two ways to get rid of flies with vinegar but you still need these two materials: apple cider vinegar and paper wrap (with small holes poked in the bottle or glass you will use). These two ways are same effective and can remove house fly or fruit fly, which often flying around at home.

  • The first way is by adding apple cider vinegar into the glass or bottle. Then you can close the surface of glass with paper wrap. Remember to make small holes (you can use knife with it). Put the glass around the place where the flies are often flying around. Usually, kitchen or dining table will be a good place to put.
  • The second way is to mix apple cider vinegar with soap you use to clean dishes. Soap can help to remove flies sink into the liquid of vinegar more effectively. How to trap them is same like the first way but maybe the mixture with soap will be something better (do this if you think flies still around your home although you have tried first way).

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So, what do you think? You don’t have to feel worry anymore about flies stuck and flying around your home. If it flies around your fruits, you can try our trick above to trap and remove them. Not only that, also don’t forget to always clean your place so flies won’t be stuck in your home. Cleaning bathroom, dust in your bedroom and exterior area is very important to avoid flies living and flying around you. In the end, now you have the answer!