Benefits and Tips to Use Vinegar to Kill Carpet Beetle Larvae

August 8, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

When you notice carpet beetle larvae crawling around your carpets, furniture, clothes, or anywhere else in your home, it can become unnerving. You may want to go right out and purchase a bunch of pesticides and carpet beetle killing sprays from your local store. However, you should reconsider doing this because all these over-the-counter pesticides contain chemicals in them which are highly toxic. Even though they have the ability to kill the carpet beetle larvae, they could also cause humans to get sick. If you have small children in your home, then it is imperative that you look for another way to kill carpet beetle larvae which is not as toxic to people.

Benefit of Vinegar to Eliminate Carpet Beetle Larvae

There are many home remedies for killing carpet beetle larvae. One of the most preferred home remedies is the use of vinegar. This could be apple cider vinegar or plain white vinegar, both of which is available at most grocery stores. The benefit of vinegar is that it serves as both a natural pesticide and deterrent against carpet beetle larvae. More importantly, despite vinegar being toxic and poisonous to the carpet beetle larvae, it is 100% safe for humans to be around. In fact, a lot of humans even mix vinegar with their foods and consume them for added health benefits. That is how safe it is to use vinegar for the purpose of killing carpet beetle larvae in your home.

How to Use the Vinegar

When you discover that you have carpet beetle larvae and you understand the benefit of using vinegar to get rid of them, the next step is to actually use the vinegar for this very purpose. There are a couple of different ways in which you can use the vinegar on the carpet beetle larvae. It all depends on the location of the larvae and how many of them there are. The most popular method of use is to pour the vinegar into an empty spray bottle and then spray the vinegar onto the larvae. Mix the vinegar with some water if you need to make more of the solution, but not too much water.

Spray all the areas in your home which are prone to getting carpet beetle larvae infestations. This means you spray your furniture, carpets, clothes, and so on. In some cases where you have a massive infestation, you may want to wash your carpets thoroughly with the vinegar solution rather than just spray them. This will ensure you have not only killed the larvae, but any of the little carpet beetle eggs that may be in your carpet tool. In fact, you may want to wash your clothes with apple cider vinegar too if the infestation of carpet beetles affected the wardrobe in your closet or dresser drawers.

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Be Cautious

The repellent properties of vinegar will only last for so long. Eventually, the adult carpet beetles will find their way back into your home and lay more eggs in your carpet and other areas. That is why it is essential that you take precautions in preventing these beetles from getting back into your home. This means sealing all cracks in your windows and doors and watching yourself so that you don’t accidentally carry adult carpet beetles indoors from the outside. Sometimes when people accidentally come across them outside, they will stick to their clothes and then the people will unknowingly walk them back into their homes. All it would take is for a few carpet beetles to get into your home for their eggs to be planted in your carpets. So, if you can avoid these types of accidents, then you will reduce the chances of more carpet beetle larvae from forming in your home in the future.

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