Top 4 Dangerous Viruses Which Carried By The Mosquitoes

As we know, the mosquitoes are the flying animal which sucks our blood. However, do you know that the mosquitoes can transmit the viruses or other infections when they are sucking your blood? In nowadays, there are some people who get infected by the virus through the mosquito bites. Here, when the mosquitoes bite the infected animal or human, they will keep the virus in their body. Then, the spread occurs when they bite not infected human. However, what viruses are carried by mosquitoes? If you have no idea about that, we are going to share you about the viruses below.

The West Nile Virus

Known as WNV, this is a virus which can cause encephalitis – the brain inflammation, meningitis and febrile illness. This arthropod borne virus, is firstly found in 1999 in the North America. The spread of this virus is clear, through the mosquito bites. If you live in the area which is considered to be infected with the West Nile virus, you need to be really careful. Why? Because it is the best way to avoid this virus. Besides, the disease which is caused by this virus still has no cure. Not only that, there are no symptoms which can be experienced if people get infected with West Nile virus. However, if the disease is chronic, the infected people will experience neurologic illness.

The Zika Virus

This is a virus which is commonly found in the South America. Here, the Zika virus is spread through the mosquito bites – especially Aedes species. The symptoms which can be experienced are joint pain, rash, fever, and conjunctivitis – or red eyes. The worst thing when pregnant women get infected with this virus is, they can inherit the virus to their child – even an unborn child. Moreover, Zika virus can cause a serious birth defect which is called microcephaly to the child. Because there is still no vaccine for this virus, you have to protect yourself from the mosquito bites.

The Chikungunya

This is a virus which is firstly found in 2013, in the Carribean. When you get infected with this virus, the symptoms which you will experience are joint pain, fever, rash, headache, or muscle pain. The spread of this virus is usually carried by the species of Aedes. Besides, this virus can be inherited from the pregnant women to their child. Because the vaccine hasn’t been found yet, you need to prevent the mosquito bites by using mosquito repellent or bug spray. In addition, if you live in the area where the Chikungunya has become common, it is better for you to move to the safer place.

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The Malaria

This is a dangerous disease which can lead the infected people to death. This disease is caused by parasites such as Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium malariae, Plasmodium vivax, and Plasmodium ovale. The infected people will experience high fevers, flu-like illness and shaking chills. In common, the spread of this virus is carried by female Anopheles mosquitoes. When pregnant women get infected, they can inherit this virus to the child. In addition, after knowing what viruses are carried by mosquitoes, it is better for you not to underestimate the mosquito bites.