What do baby termites look like?

April 23, 2016 | Termite Information

Many people confuse baby termites with baby ants because they look very similar. They both have white colored bodies with two antennas sticking out of their heads. But there are a couple of differences between the two. For one thing, baby termites begin their lives in the larval stage. This means baby termites generally stay near their nest where all the eggs are. You can also tell baby termites apart by looking at their antennas and seeing if they are pointed or curved. If they point out straight then they are baby termites. Another way you can tell if it is a baby termite is by looking at its waist. Baby termites have thick waists and they even have wings that are all the same size. With all of these factors considered, you should be able to tell if you are seeing a baby termite or a baby ant.

what do baby termites look like

Spring is the mating season for termites. Baby termites generally start to swarm after they have grown out of the larval stage, which is generally in the later part of spring. Remember that termites like to invade damp areas and eat wood in these areas all day long. This is how they cause so much destruction to people’s homes in the first place. It isn’t like they just feast on your home’s structure for 30 minutes and then your home starts to collapse. The destruction of your home is a gradual process that is caused by termites feasting for extended periods of time. It is also how baby termites continue to grow into worker and soldier termites. The best way to stop them is to locate their nest early on and destroy it.

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Termite nests are actually pretty easy to locate if you are looking for above ground termites. All termites look for is wood or soil mounds to build their nests in. If you have wood lying around outside and you see hundreds of tiny white pebbles then those are likely termite eggs. If you see the white termites already described above then you are looking at baby termites. If these white termites are moving around and looking for food then they are likely in the nymph stage of their development. This is the stage that comes right after the larval stage. The nymph termites aren’t exactly babies anymore, but they still retain the same whitish color they had when they were babies. So it will probably be harder to tell them apart otherwise.

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