What Do Bed Bug Droppings Look Like?

Compared to other insects that attack human, bed bug is probably not really dangerous. Yes, it may “only” give you the feeling of itchy and not comfortable. However, it must still be killed as soon as possible before it is growing up and multiplied. It is not something exaggerated to say that bed bugs are likely invisible threat since it can hide anywhere and attack before you have realized. More than that, the bite is difficult as well to be identified. As you know, the ants and others can just bite you in the same way. Based on that fact, there are many efforts to do to make them disappeared? Before using anti-insect spray and other things to kill them, you must also look for where the bugs are hidden and colonized. It is not recommended for you to spray it anywhere since chemical substance is basically really dangerous also.

What do bed bug droppings look like and how to identify

To identify where they are, there is a way you can do; it is by looking for the bug droppings. The droppings are basically the signs left by the bed bugs. If you are able to see them, the way to destroy the bugs can be much easier. The droppings themselves are actually the infestation. It is like their habit after being fed. The droppings are the digested blood and also the signs that the bugs have already bitten someone, maybe you, during your sleep. It is in the form of some clusters o tiny spots on the bed and other stuff like sofa or mattress. Since it consists of the digested blood, its color is dark red or black. Yes, it is no longer fresh red as the blood has been digested inside its digestion system. For the size, of course, it is really small. It looks like a dot from your pen or marker. Besides, it is not only one. As it has been mentioned above, the dots are gathered in groups or clusters.

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Unfortunately, it is quite rarely that the bug droppings are seen on the visible parts of your bed. If you think you have the infestation from bed bugs, you need to check the bed bug droppings firstly around the corners and probably edges of your bed. Of course, if you cover the bed with sheet or bedcover, it means you have to look or the droppings there as well. Make sure to check them also around your home decor fabrics including the carpet, rugs, and even curtain. It is really possible if the bed bugs hide around the places. You must be really careful if you like buying secondhand furniture particularly those with fabric like sofa and mattress. There is a higher chance that the bed bugs are hidden on those things. Moreover, it is if you know well that the stuff furniture and still are not yet being cleaned before you take them home. If you find the droppings, it is better not to take them inside. Just clean them at first outside.