Common Types of Carpet Beetles and What do They Look Like

July 14, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Adult carpet beetle has a body length of 2 to 3 mm. The color of each type of carpet beetle varies, but generally resembles a regular beetle with a variety of colors from black to brown, or even white and yellow. Adult carpet beetle is not actually included in the pest when outside the home. Because they tend to consume pollen or nectar.

However, adult beetles can pose a threat when invading into the home. Usually, adult beetles will move into the house when the end of summer. The purpose of carpet beetles today is to find a warm place to lay eggs and hatch them. Cycle of carpet beetle eggs into these larvae for two to three weeks. The larvae of this carpet beetle are called the Wooly Bears. The larvae of this carpet beetle act as pests because they feed on natural fibers, clothing, and soft objects.

These carpeted beetles do not bite, their existence can cause red and itchy rashes due to the barrel’s coat of carpet beetle carpet larvae. Body condition of this carpet beetle, among others; Has scales, has spiny fur, and compound eye shape. This carpet beetle moved into the house to be able to breed. Carpet beetles will lay eggs near food sources and objects derived from vegetables or animals. This carpet beetle likes a dark place, although some types of carpet beetle are some who like a brighter place.

The appearance of carpet beetle today resembles a ladybird, so people generally ignore it and do not pay attention. In fact, sometimes carpet beetles are also likened to moths because these two insects can damage soft fabrics or clothes made of wool. The existence of moths and larvae from this carpet beetle will leave a random hole in the clothes being attacked. However, the attack conditions of moth and carpet beetle larvae are different.

Carpet beetle larvae tend to be diligent in eating away all the pieces of clothing or carpets in your home. The condition of carpet beetle larvae and adult carpet beetle is different. Because adult carpet beetles prefer to consume nectar or pollen. This difference also exists from the different species of carpet beetles present. Broadly speaking, carpet beetle dibedan into three species, namely:

  1. Varied Carpet Beetle

The adult beetle of this species has a body length of about 0.1 inches. In addition, it has black elytra with white spots, browns and random yellow. You can find this carpet beetle species in the spring and early summer. Its existence is usually located near the window if it is inside your house. The larvae of this carpet beetle have a long, thick body covered with brown hair. The larvae of this carpet beetle have a larger body size than adult carpet beetles, which can reach 0.2 inches.

  1. Furniture Carpet Beetles

This species is slightly larger than the Varied Carpet Beetle species and has a black elytra with bitnik whitish, yellow, and random orange. The larvae were originally white, then gradually turned dark.

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  1. Black Carpet Beetle

These larvae and beetles are monophonic and shiny. Black Carpet Adult Beetle black with body length reaches 1/8 to 3/6 inches. Meanwhile, large carpet beetle larvae of this species are brown and larger, reaching 5/6 inches. Black carpet beetle is the most widely spread in the California area.

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