What Do Cockroach Poop Look Like

March 19, 2017 | Cockroach

What is your opinion when you hear a cockroach? That you will imagine is a dirty and disgusting place. This is a life habitat of cockroach making it deploy some kinds of disease to human. Cockroach is one of primordial insects having a role as a cause of global warming on the earth. In the cockroach body, it contains 32 types of bacteria, virus, and worm. Cockroach is very difficult to eradicate. If you see cockroaches at home, don’t wait longer for destroying it. Cockroach is a huge problem in your house. It is a source of disease and disgusting condition at home because it leaves black spots on the wall.

What Do Cockroach Poops Look Like?

Black spots on the floor or wall are usually caused by cockroach droppings or poops. Cockroach poops are easily recognized. It is a general form of roach proofs. Small cockroach leaves black or brown specifications that look like rough coffee seeds or soft mashed black pepper. The cockroach poops can appear as the light brown droppings and even in a certain case dark poops depending on the roach and surface. It may appear as raising smears.

A common species of cockroach spread in American residences is brown – banded cockroaches and German cockroaches. There are some other cockroach species including American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches and smoky brown cockroaches getting larger one. Both small and large cockroaches will intimidate your house due to the size. Younger roaches from small cockroach species are leaving the smallest poops. Meanwhile, young roaches from larger cockroaches will leave cylinder and ridged poops. The poops get smaller than adult cockroach droppings like rice shape.

Larger cockroaches will leave solid poops or feces formed as cylinder. That problem has a black or brown color depending on a certain species. Those poops of those larger cockroaches have ridged detail in the feces. The ridge detail is helping you to differentiate cockroach dropping from a mouse poop having no ridge detail.

Cockroach Poops Are Dangerous

Cockroach dropping is dangerous for the body health. It is caused that it contains allergen and protein causing some health problems like asthma. A study of United States National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences proved that the presence of allergen in cockroach can worse the symptoms of asthma suffered. To minimize allergen reaction from cockroach droppings, you need to clean the area found those droppings with soap and warm water. It also appears some followed reactions like itching on the skin, eyes, ears, and throat. It also causes skin redness.

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Preventing Steps to Do to Fight for Cockroach

To minimize the effects of cockroach, you need to maintain the cleanliness of your house. You can apply these preventions. Firstly, you should keep a house stay clean by sweeping and mopping it regularly. Then, decrease an itchy feeling by bandaging with cold towel. Wash plates regularly after eating to prevent cockroach attack. Though it feels itchy, pain due to cockroach doesn’t get scratched to prevent a more serious condition. Reduce itchy by consuming a certain antihistamine drug. Those steps are enough to keep cockroach away.

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