What do Cockroaches Eat? And How do They Survive

April 21, 2017 | Cockroach

What do Cockroaches like to eat? How do cockroaches survive? Where to cockroaches like to infest? The following information will provide you with tips on how to prevent cockroaches from infesting your home.

What Do Cockroaches Like to Eat?

As far as food goes, cockroaches are not choosy. They are omnivores and scavengers that will eat virtually any organic food item they can find. Their favorite foods are meats, starches, and sweets. However, cockroaches will also feast on other non-food items like decaying matter, books, and hair. Again, they will eat anything they can find. That is why so many cockroaches are found in the sewers because they feast on raw sewage. Some species of cockroach will even feast on decaying wood from a dead tree.

Cockroaches have three attributes which make them big eaters. For starters, they are omnivores which mean they eat animals and plants. They are also opportunistic eaters which mean they’ll eat whatever they can find. Finally, they eat only organic foods which are natural. This means they do not eat plastic or metal.

When humans are not around, cockroaches feast on insects, plants, dead bodies, dead trees, animal feces, and other decaying matter. Sometimes cockroaches will even become cannibals and eat their offspring or other roaches, whether they’re dead or alive.

The oldest pests in the world are cockroaches. In 2010, scientists from the Imperial College London made a startling discovery. They found out that an ancestor of modern cockroaches had existed as far back as 300 million years ago. This is older than when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Since cockroaches were able to feast on non-foods and organic foods, they have been able to survive for millions of years.

How Do Cockroaches Survive

Some cockroaches can survive for as long as 6 weeks without food, but most of them could not last for longer than one week. The only way they could last longer is if they have water in their environment. Cockroaches die more easily from dehydration than from starvation. So if cockroaches were to have food but no water, then they would still die fast.

Cockroaches are also able to survive by consuming inedible foods because they have Bacteroides inside their fatty tissue which create vitamins and amino acids that help them survive. The reason why cockroaches have these Bacteroides is because they inherit them from their mothers.

Preferred Cockroaches Infestation Place

Cockroaches are good at finding food sources. Their instincts allow them to learn where human food is going to be located. That is why cockroaches love to hang out in kitchens, restaurants, and grocery stores.

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Tips To Prevent Cockroaces Infestation

To prevent roaches from infesting your home or commercial structure, keep all food items stored in containers that are tightly sealed. Also, be sure to clean any surface which has had food on it. This includes cleaning dirty dishes as well as kitchen countertops and dining room tables.

Cockroaches inhabit moist and dark environments the most. Therefore, be sure to repair any pipes or faucets that are leaking. You also need to remove any rotting or damp wood from your commercial or residential structure too. Basically, get rid of the moisture and check for cockroaches in crawlspaces on a regular basis.

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