What Do Termites Look Like and Tips to Get Rid of Them

June 1, 2016 | Termite Information

What do termites look like

In this article, we are explain about what do termite look like, how to identify and how to get rid of them. And here we go:

You hear a lot about termites damaging people’s homes and sometimes even their furniture. When people come across termites, they often confuse them for being ants and don’t really take it too seriously. This is understandable because termites and ants are about the same size and have similar features. However, if you examine the insects closely, you will understand the differences in their physical features that you can look out for. Then you will know whether you have a termite problem or ant problem. If it turns out that you have a termite problem, you need to identify which type of termite that you are dealing with because there are different types of termites too.

What do Termites and Ants Look Like

Termite swarmers and flying ants are the most confusing to people. You can tell them apart by first looking at their waist sizes. Ants have a very narrow waist that almost looks like it is pinched inward. On the other hand, the waist of a termite will look completely straight. Secondly, the antennae of the ants are more bent while the antennae of the termites look very straight. Thirdly, the color of termites is a blend of brown and white. Ants are usually either black or red.

Finally, the wings of an ant will vary in size while the wings of a termite will be the same size. Also, termites are prone to shedding their wings after mating season while flying ants will keep their wings. Therefore, if you see shed wings on your window sill or anywhere else in your home, then it means you have termites.

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5 Tips for Getting Rid of Termites

Once you have discovered that you have termites, the next step is to get rid of them. Below are 5 tips which can help you do this.

1) Liquid Nitrogen – Termites have a weakness when it comes to extremely cold temperatures, such as anything under -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The only way you can create this temperature for them in your home is if you use liquid nitrogen on the termites and/or their nest. This will be sure to kill them off.

2) Sunlight – Termites can only survive in areas where there is moisture. That is why they typically live in the ground and then create dirt tunnels from the ground to an opening in a home. By traveling through these tunnels, they avoid making contact with direct sunlight because the sun would destroy their moisture. Therefore, you want to keep all your windows open during the day and let sunlight through. This will help kill termites and their colonies. If you have furniture with termites on it, put the furniture close to the windows.

3) Orange Oil – Oil extract from an orange has been found to slowly kill termites. First, they will become less hungry until they eventually die off completely. The great thing is that orange oil is healthy for humans while toxic to termites. So, you don’t have to protect yourself from its aroma.

4) Aloe Vera – If you purchase the gel form of Aloe Vera, spray it on the termites and in any place where they normally go. As soon as the termites make contact with the Aloe Vera, they will be killed. This is also a plant-based insecticide which means it is completely natural and safe for people to be around.

5) Sodium Chloride – This chemical is basically a form of table salt which people often consume for themselves. However, it can be deadly to termites when it is sprayed onto them directly or in an area where they typically inhabit. The cellulose in sodium chloride will even attract the termites to it before killing them.

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