Where do centipedes live? And how to recognize them

Centipedes had been back over than 400 million years sharing ancestral with lobsters, crayfish and shrimp as well. In around the world, there are 3000 modern species that had been discovered and described by many scientists who estimated that there 5000 species still wait to discover and description as well. Centipedes were arthropods that belonging to the Myriapoda which means mydar legs. As the generalist’s predators, then the different centipede species had been adapted with many different environments come from arid desert to the tropical forest.

Different species of centipedes also come into wide range of size, the smallest might only few millimeters length then the largest centipedes might be able to grow up until 12 inches long. They also hunt using their paralytic venom which they store in the poison gland, then inject it using unique appendage which known as the forcipule. As you can guest, forcipule is kind of foreleg which had been modified to pierce their pray and inject them with this poison.

So, where do centipedes live?

Centipedes do not have any wavy, moisture conserving which most insect and arachnids had, so they can lose water rapidly in the arid biomes. As the result, most of the species need and look for moist living habitats, regarding the larger environment that they inhabit. Centipedes also find their ideal living environment among compost, rotting wood, inside the caves, under stones or around wet soil as well.  if you find them inside your house, you can look for the humid parts in your house because they then to be more interested to humidity and moist environmental than the other pests as well. so, the houses near with moist area, such as: lakes, forest or swamps are practically prone with this centipede infestation.

Which one do you ever see?

If you find out centipedes in you house, you might see brown, yellow or grayish yellow which have light and dark lines that striping ion their bodies. Each of centipede’s legs also striped clearly as well. The creepiest thing about this centipedes is how fast they can run. This species also hunts by surprising their own pray first before with incredible speed and movements, then catching them and insect their venom even before their prey can give any reaction. They also nocturnal animal and interested with moist environment as mentioned above. They afraid of humans and typical will hide if they encountered, although centipede also able to administer venom to the humans, toy will do so of there is no other option, luckily, their venom cannot harm you seriously.

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What do they prey?

The centipedes usually prey on several pests, such as: fleas, cockroach, moths, silverfish, spider and other small insects. House centipedes also eat some insects in a day by using their incredible seed and climbing skill to simply shut their prey with venom.