Where do Mosquitoes Lay Their Eggs

September 10, 2017 | Mosquitoes

If you want to know a good thing about mosquitoes, they do not live in very long time. A whole of mosquito lifecycle could be counted within in several days, once they come up from their pupal cocoons, they will flight and make mosquitoes last less than a week. However the female mosquitoes last for several months, and this is only in ideal condition as well. the bad news is that they were extremely hard types of insects and they had been around at least 210 million years, its incredible, they do not travel frequently, usually no more than one mile from that place where they were hatched. So, their only aim is producing more eggs, even a female can produce up to 500 eggs before died. Well. This is a bit creepy information, the fact that your blood will help this species to produce their eggs. Then the question is where do mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Common Places For Mosquito to Lay Their Eggs

You might ever seen on the TV that telling never, ever leave the standing water in around our house or your yard can be a perfect breeding place for mosquitoes. The reason of that the mosquito eggs need water so they can develop. Almost any types will do, start from the rain water to condensation which you can find in old tire as long as the water do not get any destruction during a week or two weeks. There are around 3500 species of mosquitoes in the world, and around 176 had been found n United State. The most mosquitoes species will lay their eggs inside the batches of 50- 100, and look like the small clumps around quarter inch length which float together in the surface like the raft as well. They can make that deposit in the water which had been collected inside the ditches, three holes even in your dog’s water container. However, there are several species which lay their eggs in the flooded soil. Those eggs are able to survive in winter and waiting the spring or summer rains to cover them over as well. The females usually lay their eggs in night and could lay them around every third night. Then they will watch within one or three days, depending on temperature as well. Even the eggs which left on the moist soil also can last until a year, until the ground getting flooded before hatching. This is creepy things that you can know from these species.

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Then the larvae also water creatures which feed on bacteria, algae and the other microorganism inside the water. Even certain species also eat each other and they spend their time of hanging down in the surface, getting oxygen from the breathing tubes. They also often called as the wigglers because that’s the way move inside the water. In this stage the larvae was vulnerable toward predators, such as: fish and bird.  So you can check on other sites that give you complete information about mosquito lifecycle.

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