White insects that look like termites?

There are certain white insects that can sometimes be mistaken for termites. The two types of white insects which people often think are termites are booklice and psocids. They each have similar colors and come in both wingless and winged form. These types of bugs are typically spotted in humid areas just like termites are. In your home, you will most likely run into them in your kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners often assume it is a termite infestation when they spot these bugs, but it is really not. Booklice and psocids generally feed off fungi and mold, especially on stored food that you may have lying around. There are even some forms of psocids that will inhabit dry areas like your kitchen cabinets.

white termites look like

In order to get rid of these bugs from your kitchen area, start by removing everything from your cabinets and then clean them with a vacuum. Try to avoid using soap and water when cleaning these areas because any added moisture will only make it worse. In fact, you want to do just the opposite by using a hair dryer to make sure the cabinets are as dry as they can be. Once this is done, fill the cabinets back up with freshly preserved food that is securely sealed. This should prevent any future infestations from these bugs in the cabinets. As for the rest of the kitchen, try not to leave splattered water on your kitchen counter after using the sink. Keep the entire kitchen as dry as you can each time after you are done using it.

Now when it comes to the bathroom you will have a greater challenge keeping these bugs out because everything in the bathroom involves water in some way. So, like the kitchen, you will have to keep your bathroom as dry as you can. This means wiping the floors and bathtub clean each time you take a shower or a bath. This also means wiping down the sink each time you use it as well. Then to ensure the bathroom is dry, you can either place a heater or dehumidifier in there when you are not using it. If you follow these steps then the bathroom should be dry enough to where psocids and book lice won’t want to be there.

If you find that you continue to have a problem with these bugs then call your local pest control company and they will provide added treatment to your home to prevent these bugs from coming back.